Why Hiring A Property Manager Is Crucial?


Owning a rental property and running it can help generate a lot of side income, but running and managing it for a long time is not quite an easy task. There are several challenges that property owners go through in running a rental property efficiently. From being updated about the current rental rates to collecting the monthly rental payment on time and many more, there is a lot of work involved in the entire process. That is the very reason why a professional is required to manage the entire process end-to-end. A property manager will take end-to-end care of the property and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

While some people have a DIY approach and do not mind spending hours on this task, many busy property owners do not have the time or energy to invest in property management tasks or do not stay near to the property. For them, the best way out is to hire a reliable Portland property management company that can provide a genuine property manager to deal with the entire property-related task.

What does a property management company typically do?

Before contacting a Portland property management agency, let’s look at what a property manager typically does.

Collect & deposit the rental money on time

Every property owner knows how tough it is to get the payment from the clients on time. Needless to say, it’s pretty awkward as well. An experienced property management agency knows the tricks and systems to effectively collect the rental money on time from the clients, no matter how challenging it might look. Collecting the cash on time will help property owners maintain their cash flow.

. Set the right rental amount

A non-specialist might not be aware of the current real estate market rate. Also, it’s impossible to know what other landlords/property owners currently charge for similar properties. Since a property management company has end-to-end knowledge about the current market rate, they will set the price accordingly, thereby maximizing overall monthly income.

. Manage tenants effectively

Apart from helping landlords find a good and reliable tenant, the agency also takes care of all the aspects of the tenant-landlord relationship. A property management agency will take care of the maintenance, conduct routine inspection & manage conflicting situations efficiently.

. Market and advertise properties

There is a reason why most property owners prefer hiring a property management agency. Apart from managing the entire property, the agency also helps to market and advertise one’s property by suggesting the target locations where the property should be marketed and also providing compelling marketing materials.

. Takes care of legal issues

When renting property, there are various rules and regulations that a property owner needs to abide by. A property management agency will conduct all the rental procedures in compliance with state & federal regulations.


In a nutshell, a Portland property management agency handles everything related to managing and renting a property from scratch. Once a property owner hires a reliable agency, they can remain completely stress-free and just enjoy the cash flow.

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