When you want to list property in Malta


When it comes time for you to list property in Malta, turn to RE/MAX Malta because our website features the best Malta property listings available. The homepage of our Malta website features a search engine which allows real estate agents, and residential unit buyers and sellers to search for the best property in Malta using the property listings feature. Malta is a hot and emerging market in terms of the international real estate market, and since buying property is akin to buying a dream and lifestyle, referencing property listings is crucial for people wanting to buy and sell prime property in Malta.

The search engine gives buyers the option to buy or rent the properties they want. It also gives sellers the option to sell or rent the properties they no longer need. To use an example if one types certain search parameters: rent, residential, apartment, min price value of 5,000 Euros, and a maximum price amount of 140,000 Euros with the MLS Id field being left out, the person will be taken a webpage with dozens of subpages featuring the best apartments for sale in various cities throughout Malta.

For example, typing these parameters into RE/MAX’s search engine yielded the following results: unit: apartment, city: Hamrun, price: 118,000 Euros. Clicking on the image presents the prospective renter with the following information: the apartment unit has one bedroom and one bathroom, it is located on a plot of land which is 58.81 meters, its build area is 58.67 meters, building will finish in September of 2019, it has one floor, and its external area is 4.84 meters. Further analysis of the property reveals the following information: the city of Hamrun is near the city limits of St. Venera which is very close to a local community college.

The residential unit is part of a selection of many higher end apartment units which have one bedroom and one bath, it also has a penthouse suite which has two bedrooms. The apartment layout is on the ground floor and has a simple layout. The layout proceeds in this order: the kitchen, living room, dining room, main bedroom, and main bathroom are arranged in an open plan layout, meaning that each room is easily accessible from the others in the apartment unit. The penthouse also has an open plan layout with the rooms being arranged in the following order: kitchen, living room, dining room, two bedrooms. One of the bedrooms has a main en-suite and front terrace.

This type of a property listing is very specific and detailed. It is the perfect property listing for a person wanting to live in a rented unit in Hamrun. The prospective renter has no trouble understanding the details or this unit, or what its market value is by looking at the property details and layout plan!

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