What to Look for in Movers


Most people have moved at least once with the help of their friends by plying them with pizza and beer. This is pretty much a rite of passage for a friendship. If you made it to your new house with all of your glassware and furniture intact, then you can consider yourself one of the lucky ones. This is not often the case. Moving from one place to another is more than just lifting heavy stuff and driving a truck; there are skills at work. That is why it’s in your best interest to hire professionals who will take care of your stuff as if it’s their own. However, not all professionals are created equal. You should look for certain features in professional movers so that you know you are getting the best possible deal.

Free Quote

When you are moving, you are probably already spending more money than you care to. Prices have a way of adding up; stopping for food, the down payment on a new flat, and replacing something you broke are all expenses you have to account for. Some certainty about the cost is always welcome; that’s where the free quote comes in.

You should look for a local company in your area that can tell you how much something is going to cost. If you are in Melbourne, you should look for a quote from a company that specialises in furniture removals in Melbourne. That way, you know they will be close by when you need them, and the quote will be more accurate because they understand the particulars of moving furniture around the city.

It is important that the quote you receive is free, no-obligation, and accurate. A free quote means that you do not have to pay for it, obviously. A no-obligation quote means that you are not bound to hire the company if they make a quote for you. An accurate quote means that you can reasonably expect to pay the amount you are quoted.


Some stuff is impossible to replace, and some stuff is just expensive. You want to know that the movers are not going to break your stuff, scuff your furniture, go through your medicine cabinet, or lose anything. If you have never moved with a company before, how can you possibly know that? Testimonials are how you can know what to expect; past customers write reviews of the company. These are usually fairly trustworthy since past customers have nothing to gain by writing good reviews and nothing to lose by writing an honest bad review.

If a company does not feature any testimonials, you should be wary. This could be because their past customers have many negative things to say. This could be because they do not have any past customers. Whatever the case may be, you should steer clear of furniture removalists who don’t have testimonials.

Moving can be stressful and expensive; with the right furniture removalists, you can avoid much of the hassle. You can get an accurate quote that lets you know how much you can expect to pay and trust that they will take good care of your stuff.

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