What to Do If your Home is Invaded By Bees or Wasps


Both bees and wasps have a nasty sting, and while a bee can only sting you the once, wasps can carry out repeated stings, making them very dangerous when they set up home in your home. Typically, they will nest under the eaves of a roof, or against a wall next to the soffit board, and sometimes they will nest in a tree, and should you discover a wasp or bees’ nest, do not go anywhere near it.

Professional Pest Control Services

Rather than risk being stung multiple times (which could be fatal), you are strongly advised to call in the best pest control in Leeds, as they would have both the know-how and the equipment to exterminate the creatures safely. If at all possible, the pest control technician would prefer to relocate a bees’ nest, which is often the best solution, but wasps are exterminated is a human manner.

Avoid the Area

While you are waiting for the pest control technician to arrive, resist the temptation to take a close look at the nest, as it doesn’t take much to cause the insects to protect their nest from any attack. If you knocked a tree, for example, the vibration could set the creatures off on a strategy of stinging everything that moves, which would include you!

Things NOT to do: 

  • Do not approach the nest.
  • Do not throw anything at the nest.
  • Do not spray the nest with water.

It is much safer to call in a professional pest control company, who can ensure that the nest (and all the inhabitants) are removed.

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