Things to Consider While Hiring the Right Estate Agent


Selling a property is unarguably a stressful experience, which involves so much, starting with making efforts to find the potential buyers in documenting the deal. Now, you probably wonder what role the seller agent has to play in the entire process, right? The estate agent will take care of all the legal aspects associated with selling the property, and ensure everything goes smoothly. Here, in this post, we’ve rounded up the things you must look-in when hiring an estate agent, so scroll down and have a look: –


Honesty is essential when it comes to deciding on the best estate agent who is going to help you with selling off your property at the right price. While it’s not possible to determine if someone is honest or not, there are ways to tell whether the agent is telling the truth. The simplest way out is to reach out to about four to five recent sellers of your potential agent, talk to them about their experience. If the real estate agent is not willing to provide relevant testimonials or records of your recent clients, then it is a red flag that they are not honest to you.

Stag Your Property To Sell

The seller agent of the Sarah Waddington Property will guide you with the process to stage the house for sale, what measures you need to take to boost the selling price. They will be by your side on how to make a positive impression among the potential buyers.

Negotiation Skills

The primary job role of an estate agent is the power of negotiation. The seller agent must have the power to influence potential buyers to buy their property. This can prove to the game-changer which can help you to ink an above the market deal.

Excellent Creativity

Selling a property is not as easy as you might perceive, but this is where the creativity of the Sarah Waddington property agent comes into play. No two properties are the same, therefore, your property estate agent will do the comprehensive research work to determine the USP of your home in order to market it in a unique manner. They’ll take the real photos of the property, and write creative advertisements that connect with the prospective buyers.


The last most crucial trait of a seller agent is their experience. Their local experience will be by your side during the entire procedure of selling the property. They’ll take care of anything to everything, spanning from the marketing the property to managing the transactions.

It is advisable to research the area to narrow done on the right estate agent who is willing to be with you the best pal when it comes to selling your property.

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