Looking at new tenants and more rent? Clean your place up


So your old tenants have finally left and in all honesty, you’re actually glad! They were an absolute nightmare, they left the place a mess and when you walked into the kitchen, you didn’t know whether to cry. Or to laugh. Or to throw up. Or all worse of all, all three. Now that you have finally come to terms with the ransacked mess that your last tenants left you with, you’re seriously considering hiring a house cleaning company to be able to restore your flat into something that remotely and actually looks liveable. One of the first services you will need to employ is actually a waste disposal or rubbish removal working because they will have actually left you with so much mess that you wouldn’t even know where the kitchen ends and where the bathroom begins.

Sometimes, the estate agent might have simply given you a couple of days to have your place ready before the new people move in and they would be absolutely none the wiser that the place looks like a right dog’s dinner. With time ticking on your back, you set out to call a commercial clearance or end of tenancy cleaning company that is able to take over from you and scrub up your place to look absolutely pristine and perfect, just in time for the new arrivals! So what are some of the main reasons that most landlords actually resort to cleaning companies to make sure that their place looks the best? Let’s find out:

• You can command more rent. A place that has filthy carpets and a bathroom that hasn’t seen any sort of detergent in goodness how long isn’t a place that most prospective tenants would be interested in. The cleaner the place, the better illusion it gives because people automatically and naturally are disposed towards clean things and what better way that to hire a clearance company that actually does all this work for you! Local Battersea carpet cleaners are able to give an old carpet a brand new facelift and inject new life into it, saving you from thousands of pounds of loss of trying to have a new one installed.

• It gives a great impression of you as the landlord. Remember, your tenants are judging you by the place that you are letting them. If they see that the kitchen cabinets have rat droppings in it and the place looks like something that an alligator swamp would vote for, chances are you won’t be having much respect or luck for that matter, in trying to rent out your place.

• Market value of the house increases. This is quite different to just being able to command more rent. Tenants will be able to stay longer in a place provided that when they move in, they see that everything is spic and span and the bathroom and kitchen is gleaming and pristine. It’s so common for all the sinks and taps to jam up with grime and dirt and it doesn’t cost a lot to be able to hire a company that is able to take care of all of this for you. For a small price, something you will recoup back in the first month of your rent and many times over, you will enjoy peace of mind that the domestic cleaning company has made your place look absolutely amazing.

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