Homebuyers, Do These Common Fears Sound Familiar


When you decide it’s time to buy a Wesley Chapel home for sale, you may start to have anxiety, fears and doubts that you’re making the right decision. But, don’t panic! These feelings are completely normal and to be expected since you’re making such a big change in your life. Here are some of the most common fears a home buyer may experience:

“My agent is trying to rip me off.”

Some buyers are hesitant about working with an agent because they think agents only have their best interests in mind. This is not the case for all agents, so take the time to find one that you really click with and instantly trust. Before you hire an agent, ask if you can talk to any of his references to hear directly from previous clients how the agent performed. You should also Google the agent’s name to pull up any online reviews that could exist out in cyberspace. Use all of this information to find the perfect agent, and then you can put these fears aside.

“I don’t have enough time to find a home.”

If you have to relocate because of a job or if your lease is ending, it can be stressful to find a home in a certain period of time. But, instead of panicking, focus all of your energy on creating a back-up plan. Where could you stay for a few weeks if you can’t close on a home in time? Is there a storage unit nearby where you can stash some of your belongings while you wait? How much will everything cost you? Be productive by planning ahead instead of letting this fear consume you.

“There must be something wrong with this house, I just can’t figure out what it is.”

When buyers find their dream home, they sometimes believe it is too good to be true. Instead of accepting that their dream home does exist, they begin to overanalyze every step of the deal and wonder what could possibly be wrong with the house. Buyers should ease this concern by hiring a professional home inspector to take a closer look at the home. He will uncover any issues that you would not be able to see without a trained eye, so there’s no need to fear if you go through this step.

“I’m worried I will lose my deposit.”

Buyers usually have to put money into an escrow account until the offer has been accepted and the deal is closed. Many buyers are hesitant to get to this stage of the process because they fear losing their money if the deal doesn’t go through as planned. However, buyers should not worry about this. It is not common for buyers to lose their escrow deposit unless it is their decision to back out of the deal, and the decision is not justified by something like issues discovered during a home inspection.

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