A Guide to Designing and Building a Conservatory


Conservatories first arrived in the UK around a century ago, and were mainly glazed buildings to house tropical plants through the harsh British winter. Due to the light and airy ambience, a conservatory can be used all year round, especially with double glazing and other forms of insulation.

Professional Designs

There are specialist companies that build tiled conservatory roofs in Barnsley, which would perfectly match the tiled roof of your home. The design would be something that you would be very involved in, and it is the designer’s job to come up with a layout that best meets your needs, and using 3D computer technology, they can create an image that the customer can really experience.

Range of Materials

The conservatory could be made from UPVC, which is maintenance free, and, of course, all the glazed units would be double glazed with toughened safety glass as standard. Choices include:

  1. UPVC
  2. Aluminium
  3. Seasoned Timber

    Security locking would be standard, and the design would be approved by the client before the work can begin. You can have tinted glass, which makes a lot of difference, especially in the summer, and the window and door placements would be carefully chosen.

    Working to Deadlines

    The conservatory company would be able to work to the project deadline, and with a range of skilled tradesmen, the project soon takes shape.

    If you would like to know more about conservatories, an online search would bring up a list of local companies and you can take the first steps to becoming a major feature of the property.

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